Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flash Fiction Fun -- CONTEST!

Anyone ready for a fun challenge?

Then join me in this Flash Fiction Fun Contest. While I love to post my own stories for people to read, my larger goal for this blog is to help promote the work of other writers. Toward that end, I am offering this contest.

Your mission? Write a story of 300 words or less. Oh, and make sure you use the following three words in your piece: trees, purple, and glockenspiel. Yes. Glockenspiel.

You have from now until Friday March 5th at midnight, EST to submit your masterpiece.

Joining me to judge, will be Misha Crews, whose debut novel, Homesong was published in 2008. The judging criteria: 1 - 5 points will be given for Plot, Pace, Characters, Dialogue, and Descriptive Narrative. AND I’ll give 2 bonus points to anyone who signs up to receive my blog posts by email! (mention it when you email your entry)

I’ll announce and post the winning entry on Monday March 8th, then post each of the other stories entered over the course of the week. Sound like fun? I hope so.

PLEASE DO NOT submit your stories in the comments section. Email them to: and write CONTEST in the subject line. Additionally, if you give me a short 2 -3 sentence bio and website or blogsite addresses, I’ll add them to the end of your posted story.

I’m very excited to read the entries, so let’s get this ball rolling!

Start writing!


Misha Crews lives and works in Northern Virginia. While she has made her living in the past writing ad copy, her joy is in writing fiction. Her debut novel, Homesong, is the story of a small town: its lies and truths, its beginnings and endings. It's about proud secrets, unrestrained joy, and the old adage that you may leave your home, but it never really leaves you. Her next novel, Still Waters is due out later this year. You can learn more about Misha and her novels at


Patricia Caspers said...

So exciting! I plan to try it!

Karen said...


Laura Sherman said...

I love this concept. I just entered! You have created a contest that is fun, light and easy to anyone to enter. It doesn't have to take a long time to create a story. I hope many people enter and have fun writing!

Karen said...

Thanks Laura! It has been tremendously successful with many entries! I'm very excited -- it has been fun for me to read them as they come in. :-)