Thursday, July 1, 2010

Contest - A Chance to Win Amazon Gift Cards!

During the month of July, if you purchase a copy of Take the Monkeys and Run, then MAKE A COMMENT TO THIS POST to be entered into the contest. Remember, you can purchase my book at the Kindle store for Kindle, and from any Kindle app, including Kindle for PC. It is also available at the iBookstore for iPad.

But, what do I win?
You can win an Amazon gift card!

For how much?

That depends on how many people enter! You see...
0-30 sales = one $20 amazon gift card will be randomly awarded
31-50 sales = prize increases to $40 amazon gift card
51-70 sales = prize increases to $60 amazon gift card
71-90 sales = prize increases to $80 amazon gift card
91+ sales = prize increases to $100 amazon gift card

Make sense?

Ok, but your subject title says amazon gift cardS. As in, multiple.
Very observant. You see, there are several other authors participating in this contest as well. Buy a copy of their book and head on over to their blog to enter their contest as well for more chances to win.

To see other participating authors, visit the links below. As you can see, there is a wide variety of genres. You're sure to find something to fit your tastes!

So to sum it up, buy a $2.99 book and get a chance to win $100 on amazon if enough people enter. Not a bad deal, I'd say!

Jessica Billings
Jason Letts
J.M. Pierce
Tracey Alley
Danielle Bourdon
R.A. Scully

Science Fiction
Imogen Rose
Shannon Esposito

T.L. Haddix
Karen Cantwell
Linda Prather

Mary McDonald

Women’s Fiction & Romance
Donna Fasano
Claudia D. Christian

Dave Conifer

General Fiction
R.J. Keller
Kristen Tsetsi

Contest runs from July 1st-July 31st. No purchase necessary. Become a follower and comment to this post to be entered. If you're already a follower, put a link to the contest on your blog and again, comment on this post. Must comment to be entered in the drawing. Prize amount based on sales of the book.

If nothing else, consider checking out these other authors through their blogs and websites. It's a creative bunch!


Misha Crews said...

That's a great contest, Karen! Love it! Hope you guys sell dozens and dozens. :)

Maria said...

I want to be entered!!! Only...I bought the book, (ahem, cough) in june. Which starts with a "J" so it counts, right???


Fiction for Dessert said...

Aha! Maria, you bring up a point I meant to add to that post -- previous purchasers! Yes, if you are a follower and bought the book previously, you are entered! :-) I must make an amendment to the post. I'll be putting contest info in the sidebar too since it runs through all of July.

Fiction for Dessert said...

Cindy -- I got your comment, but some strange error with Blogger wouldn't let me publish it and now I fear it's lost in cyber-space, so just know that you ARE entered! Stay tuned, and thank you so much for buying the book! I'll be announcing the winner in early August.

Cindy said...

I posted a comment on Tuesday, but don't see it here....I don't know what happened to it; I thought it would post after approved by the blog author. In any case, I saw "Take the Monkeys and Run" on Bear Mountain Books and purchased it over the weekend after reading the sample. Seems like a fun read. Please enter me in the contest. I will be back to read Fiction For Dessert from time to time. Cool blog!

Karen Cantwell said...

You're in Cindy! Have no idea what what happened with blogger that day . . .

Thanks for buying the book and I hope you enjoy reading. :-)

Cindy said...

Karen, thank you for getting me entered in the contest. I guess my first post is another example of "Technology is awesome, but can still be somewhat frustrating at times." I saw you are now posting at Kindleboards; that should be great for sales and it's a fun place with super nice readers, authors, and enablers! Have a great day!

Karen Cantwell said...

So glad I finally got your comment published, Cindy! :-) Yes, I'm enjoying "chatting" with people on the kindleboards. It is a very nice group of people. Thanks so much for stopping by here. I hope you continue to find interesting posts!