Sunday, October 31, 2010


TOMORROW is the day - the launch of my Barbara Marr short story collection, The Chronicles of Marr-nia.

In the spirit of fun and to help get the word out, I'm holding a three day contest and you can play EACH day.

The Grand Prize? A $25.00 Amazon Gift Card and a Take the Monkeys and Run t-shirt
Two runners up will each win a Take the Monkeys and Run t-shirt

OH - and here's a fun thing . . . IF Marr-nia hits the top 50 in any of it's categories from Nov 1 - Nov 5, the Amazon Gift Card becomes $50.00 instead of $25.00.

Karen, Karen, HOW do we play?

There are three ways to play: 1) tweet about the launch with a link to this post 2) Mention the launch date in your FB status with a link to this post 3) Post a brief (or long if you like!) blurb about it on your blog with a link to this post


Email me at to let me what you did, and I will keep track of your entries on a spreadsheet.

Winners will be announced Sunday, November 7th.

Oh, and would you like to know what that t-shirt looks like? Here's the front:

And the back says, "Don't mess with Barbara Marr. She's got a gun and she doesn't know how to use it."

How's that for fun?

Ready to play?

Okay . . . . GO!


Maria said...

I'll blog and tweet later on today...and email you! What fun!!!

Barbara Silkstone said...

Karen, What a cute contest. The shirt's adorable and the book cover is a winner. I'm on it.

rita said...

I posted it on facebook. If I get to my blog today, I'll put it on there as well.

Markee Anderson said...

Very cool, Karen!!! I think the prizes are AMAZING, too!!! GREAT JOB!!!

OK...I want to know why my 'word verification' is 'waxplier.' What's that? Is it like a waxing but with pliers? OUCH!!! HA!!!

Linda said...

Karen, I've got Monkeys, so I really need the T-shirt to go with it, and of course, the Chronicles. I don't normally Twitter/Tweet? and rarely post to my blog, but I have done both, and have posted on FB, so one day down, at least. I loved Barbara's The Hulk, and I'm sure the rest of the shorts will be cool, too.
Linda in TX

Cathy W said...

I'm in, great contest

Linda said...

Well, day 2 of FB & Twitter posts. I noticed that the book was up last night. I have it!

Karen Wojcik Berner said...

It is on my Monday blog, but I would do that anyway, regardless of the incentives, because it is sure to be great fun to read. :)

Good luck, Karen. I wish you many sales.

Karen Cantwell said...

Thank you EVERYONE for the amazing response and all of the help with promoting! Be assured that if you left a comment here about tweeting, FBing or blogging, you were appropriately entered on my spreadsheet! And thank you again for the AMAZING support! :-)

carmen said...

What a great idea! I tweeted the contest:

carmen said...

I also posted about it on Facebook:

Karen Cantwell said...

Thank you, Carmen! Your entries are noted.

Linda said...

Hey, Karen. I've managed to keep the Chronicles alive on my blog, FB and Twitter for 3 days. That's unbelievable! Can't wait to get my new t-shirt!