Friday, December 10, 2010

Book Video Friday!

This is a GREAT book video with over 600 views on YouTube. The novel is Jobless Recovery, by LC Evans - an author to keep your eyes on. She's going places, this one is.

Here's a description of Jobless Recovery:

Dave Griffin is a poster boy for the American consumer. He drives a blood-colored Behemoth model SUV, has a new home in the suburbs, a beautiful girlfriend, a computer programming job, and all the benefits that come with middle class life in America. Then Dave's employer replaces American computer programmers with cheaper imported labor in order to increase company profits. Soon Dave is out on the street. But he still believes in the system. All he has to do is bring the problem to the attention of the media and the people in Washington to get results. This move only deepens his trouble.

Meanwhile, Dave's friend Joe Tremaine, a former FBI agent who lost his job after suffering a head injury, is struggling to stay sane. Cynical Joe knows better than to trust anyone in Washington or in corporate America. He embroils Dave in his fraudulent money-making schemes, and when Joe decides to educate the powerful senator who has been the driving factor in eliminating American jobs, his plan goes awry. Can an unemployed computer jockey manage to keep Joe--and himself--out of jail? Or will the oddly-shaped bundle in the back of Joe's truck lead the cops to haul them both to the slammer?


Markee Anderson said...

That's a GREAT video!!! Thank you for sharing!!! :)

L.C. Evans said...

Thanks so much for featuring my book and video for Jobless Recovery.

Linda said...

Cool video! Sounds interesting. Thanks, Karen.