Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Affordable Children's eBooks

Today's Recommendation:

Night Camp by LC Evans

Here's an Amazon customer review:

"My son and I just finished reading "Night Camp." We started it a while ago and used it for his daily required reading. I believe he was to read at least a half hour per day for school.

This book really held my son's interest. What more could you ask for - spooky castles, caves, mysterious camp counselors, cute girls, dungeons, bats, and adventure.

I asked my son to provide his own review of the book. Here are his insights:

10 out of 10
A great kids book
I can't wait until she finishes Knight Camp (Me again: I have no idea if L.C. Evans is writing `Knight Camp' but my son would sure like her to.)

Great book. Thank you Ms. Evans!!"


A spooky graveyard. A creepy basement. A pair of coffins.
Thirteen-year-old Shane Andrews hates summer camp. When his parents allow him to choose, Shane decides to pick the worst camp he can find. Night Camp must be terrible. For one thing, activities take place at night and campers sleep during the day. That can’t be good, Shane reasons. His parents will realize Night Camp is even worse than they thought and they’ll come back to get him. Then Shane’s plans for summer freedom fall apart. His cousin Brad, a boy with a huge collection of tabloid magazines, convinces Shane that two of the camp counselors are vampires. Shane enlists the help of Brad and a girl camper named Nicole. The three set out to save themselves and the other campers. Then Shane uncovers the secret of Night Camp…

only .99 cents!!!!


L.C. Evans said...

Karen, thanks for featuring Night Camp. I've had so many children tell me they love it and want it to be a series. I can't resist. I've started work on a second Night Camp book.

Karen Cantwell said...

Oh, wonderful! Thank you for letting readers know. Will it be out this year?