Thursday, February 10, 2011

Affordable eBook Recommendations!

Today's Recommendation:

Secrets of the Medallion: The Treasure Hunters Club, Book 1 by Sean McCartney


Treasure Hunting Legend...
Four Ordinary Kids...
Two Magical Medallions...
Pursued By An Ancient Evil...
In One Extraordinary Adventure.

Join the Treasure Hunters Club as they look to unlock the Secrets of the Magical Medallions.

...Some Secrets Are Better Left Alone.

When Tommy Reed received a medallion from his famous treasure hunting uncle "Diamond" Jack Reed he didn't think much of it.

Now an ancient evil is pursuing his every move and his treasure hunting club friends, Shannon McDougal, Jackson Miller and Chris Henderson are on the run.

They must unlock the secret to the medallion before evil can hunt them down.

An Amazon Customer Review:

"Secrets of the Magical Medallions will appeal to any age level child interested in adventure and history. The grown-up characters in the book present strong role models for children and the younger characters are easy for them to relate to. I am a former teacher and would have readily used this book in my classroom as a teaching tool. I bought the book for my grandchildren who are fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven, nine and six. I read it first to be sure that it was appropriate reading as many of todays books are not. It was refreshing to read a fast paced story line with no violence or sexual inuendos. Two of my gradchildren have finished the book and are eagerly looking forward to Mr. McCartney's next adventure book. I plan to give the book to my daughter to read to my younger grandsons knowing that they will like it."

Only $1.95!!!

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