Friday, January 7, 2011

ANNOUNCING: The Fiction for Dessert Book Club - A Book and a Recipe!

There is going to be a change in my lineup here at Fiction for Dessert. As regular followers know, Friday's was always Book Video Fridays. While that was a semi-popular feature, it didn't get the kind of interest I was hoping, so next week will be my last posting of book videos here on Fridays at FFD. They are three fun videos though, so please DO check them out.

But now to give you the scoop on the new FUN, FUN, FUN feature:

A Book and a Recipe

The idea first came to me when follower and fellow author, Markee Anderson, left some recipes on a couple different posts. It was so fun and the readers really enjoyed it, that I asked Markee to join me once a month for this new feature.

It is a book club of sorts.

The first Friday of each month we'll announce a book, then two or three Fridays from that date, Markee will post her ideas, feelings, etc. about the book along with a recipe. Readers are encouraged to join in the conversation by leaving comments about the book as well as leave their own recipes!

We're hoping those Fridays will be alive with conversation here at FFD.


One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

that is the first in her Stephanie Plum mystery series.

What do you think? I hope everyone thinks this will be as fun as I do!

The date for discussion: FRIDAY, JANUARY 28TH

Stop by that day and lets have some fun!


L.C. Evans said...

Great idea! I love Stephanie Plum, though I haven't read all the books yet. Grandma Mazur is my kind of grandma. She doesn't give a hoot what anyone else thinks, she simply plows ahead. That's a new cover on the Kindle edition. Those eyes seem to be popular on a lot of covers now.

Markee Anderson said...

I agree...I LOVE Grandma Mazur! She's hilarious when she goes to funerals, too.

I'm re-reading the book so I remember it, so if you want, join along on the 28th and go back to a 'simpler' time in Stephanie's life, when she first gets her bail bonding job. Ah, to learn about Ranger and Joe again. ::sigh::

Barbara Silkstone said...

Excellent. Stephanie rules. My personal favorites ... Three to Get Deadly and Four to Score. I was laughing so hard and loud, my neighbors came by to check on me. They thought I was in pain. Great idea!