Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Character Contest Winner!!!!

Back in December, I announced the "Be an Insane Character Contest" where people who left comments would be entered to win a chance to be a character in my next Barbara Marr novel, Citizen Insane.

A winner was selected randomly from the list of entrants some time ago, but I've been waiting for a good time to announce the winner.

TODAY, I am proud to announce that the winner is reader, Karen Bell!!!!



Karen will actually appear as TWO different characters in Citizen Insane: Special Agent Bell and villain, Kiki Urbanowski (Karen's nickname and maiden name combined).

So keep your eyes out for Citizen Insane, starring Barbara Marr and Karen Bell, currently scheduled for release in May, 2011.

Next month, I'll have a cover available for preview.

What's the story behind Citizen Insane you ask?

Here's a description. Stay tuned for more.

Film lover and soccer mom, Barbara Marr, hates PTA meetings worse than movies with talking animals. Reluctantly, she attends one anyway, becomes witness to a post-PTA fracas, and decides maybe all meetings aren’t nearly as boring as she thought, when one mother threatens murder in the heat of the moment. Then, when Barb discovers the body of the threatened PTA mom . . . well, it becomes the stuff that thriller movies are made of, and as usual, Barb is caught right in the middle of the action.


L.C. Evans said...

Congratulations to Karen Bell! I look forward to the book.

bluefrog said...

Yay! Now I'm even more impatient for the book. :)

Markee Anderson said...

This looks FANTASTIC!!! I LOVE the premise and HATE PTA meetings myself! :)

Markee Anderson said...

Oh, and congratulations, Karen Bell! That's so cool, and I LOVE the character names!

Barbara Silkstone said...

Cheers for Karen Bell.
I can't wait for Citizen Insane.

Anyone ever notice how many excellent authors are named "Karen?"

Karen Wojcik Berner said...

Why yes, yes I have, Barbara.

Karens unite!