Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Cover, New Price - SAME GREAT BOOK!

I have featured We Interrupt This Date here at Fiction for Dessert, but since then it has been named a 2010 Best Indie Book at Red Adept Reviews, been given a FUN new cover, and now a new price - just .99 cents!

Let me tell you - at .99 cents you're getting a deal like no other. This book is FUN, FUN, FUN.

Here's my own review:

Susan Caraway has problems. Lots of them. Mostly in the form of family members that can't seem to take care of themselves. Then there is that little issue of her friend, Jack, who she secretly wishes could be more than just a friend. From the get-go this book is packed with humor and characters that just jump off the page, making you love them despite their foibles. There's Susan, who really just needs to learn to say "NO," her tarot card-reading co-worker, an overbearing mother, Delorean the flaky sister, and Brad. Brad is a dog. A big dog. And just one more problem Susan doesn't need in her life. Finally, there is Jack. Will she interrupt one too many dates with him, and ruin her chances of romance forever?

LC Evans is a skilled writer in this romantic comedy genre - We Interrupt This Date has a fun storyline, tight plot, lively characters and just the right amount of romantic tension to make this a number one pick in my book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

So are you looking for a great eBook at a great price? Try

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L.C. Evans said...

Karen, what a nice surprise to see We Interrupt This Date with its makeover featured on your blog today. Thank you.