Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flash Fiction Contest: Hammer Head by Wendy Slobom

I wasn't sure what I was hearing but the sound kept "pinging" in my head. It seemed part of my dream but as I slowly surfaced out of my deep sleep, I realized it was not in my dream but exterior. I opened my eyes and tried to look around, no good. This was going to be tough, I wasn't used to partying until the wee hours of the morn.

And that weird light last night really freaked everyone out. But it had stopped its perpetual searching through the trees, and we decided it must have been a police helicopter looking for a "perp."

As my eyes came to a fuzzy focus, all I could see was purple. As I took a raspy breath, I realized I couldn't breathe that well either.

"What the...?" I thought as I started grabbing at cloth on my face.

I frantically pulled at it, and the more I did, I realized it went round my whole head like a Q-tip. Was this a sick joke my friends were playing on me, you know, do weird shit to the drunk guy? I tried to move but my legs were bound.

"Hey, you guys!" I tried to yell, but it came out muffled and I was fighting to breathe through the cloth.

And that sound, still pinging loudly along with the scream, only now I could tell it had different tones to it. It reminded me was a glockenspiel! Who the hell was playing it? Why the screaming?

The next thing I knew something was grabbing my whole body and lifting me into the air, the in utter horror, I figured it out.

I was the mallet for the glockenspiel and I screamed as my body was hurled down.


Wendy Slobom is from Seattle and is just starting to spread her wings as a writer. She is writing a children's book with an education theme woven though it and looks forward to the positive effects it will have on children's lives.

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