Friday, March 19, 2010

Flash Fiction Contest: Untitled by Joshua Majarrez

"If this were a cartoon, instead of a bell ringing I'd have a crackhead playing a glockenspiel." He always felt his best ideas came after having a couple of cigarettes up on the roof.

"Don't be a jack-ass. We just smoked a joint the size of a tree trunk. Yer just as stupid as you've always been," she replied.

"She's just depressed and mad," he thought. "If I beat her to this, she's all done."

His thoughts began to drift again.

"If she's depressed and mad, wouldn't that make her both blue and red?"

"You're purple, girly-girl!"

"I'm what?"

"Never mind, let's go down and have a snack. I'm starving."

She still won, again.


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