Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Antidote to the High Cost of Books?

Today I wanted to share a post I found on one of my favorite sites, Daily Cheap Reads. How I missed this post from August 30th, I'll never know, as one of my favorite Indie authors, Maria E. Schneider is featured with her Kindle book, Catch and Honest Thief. Many of you may remember that Maria was a guest judge for my last short story contest.

In any event, in this post, Cheapreader discusses how Independent authors are really the antidote to the high cost of books -- especially ebooks. I found it personally satisfying to read, and am posting a link, hoping you'll click, and find it interesting as well.

Oh, and just a little tooting of my own horn - I was pleased to find out that both Maria and I were Indie bestsellers on Daily Cheap Reads in September! (thank you, thank you very much) :-)

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Tessa Quin said...

I agree. The independent publishers (aka authors) are keeping the prices down. I don't understand why you can buy a paperback by a famous author for 7.99, and the Kindle edition costs the same! Hello? No printing/storing/shipping costs!