Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giveaway Wednesday: Homesong by Misha Crews

YAY! It's Giveaway Wednesday and we have a winner to announce before I tell you about our NEXT giveaway. So WHO has won the free signed copy of JC Phelps' novel, Color Me Grey? Drum roll please . . . and the winner is . . . attagirl! (claps and whistles!) CONGRATULATIONS attagirl. I have your email address so will contact you soon to arrange to have your book mailed to you.

Thank you to everyone who entered and if you didn't win . . . here's your chance to try AGAIN.

This week's GIVEAWAY is two signed copies of Misha Crews' first novel, Homesong. Homesong was recently named a finalist in the Bronte Prize for Romantic Fiction, so make sure you enter for this one!

Here's a little about Homesong:
In a small town, everyone knows everything about everybody. Or do they? For twenty years, Kate Doyle has been haunted by the night when she was forced to flee from her tiny Virginia home town and abandon her childhood sweetheart, Reed Fitzgerald. So when Kate, now in her mid-30s, escapes her unhappy life in Washington, DC and takes a much-needed vacation, the last thing she expects is to be reunited with Reed. Now, under the warm clear Caribbean sun, amid ancient churches and pink flamingos, Kate and Reed seek to revive the love that they thought was gone forever. But will small-town secrets ruin their last chance for happiness? Woven into the modern tale of Kate and Reed are the tales of those who came before them. Their mothers: teenagers in the chaotic 1960s, best friends who are in love with the same man although only one of them knows it. Reed's grandmother: already a bitter old woman by the 1930s, she would do anything to carry on the family name...and would drive away anyone who came between her and her grandson. And even the founder of the town: in 1865, what guilty secret drove one man to bring his two daughters across the ocean from Ireland and settle in the dark Virginia hills? At its heart, Homesong is the story of a small town: its lies and truths, its beginnings and endings. It's about proud secrets, unrestrained joy, and the old adage that you may leave your home, but it never really leaves you.

It's a wonderfully written book that you won't want to put down. So how do you enter? LEAVE A COMMENT to this post. Simple as that. And tell your friends!


JC Phelps said...

Congrats attagirl! I hope you enjoy the book!

Karen - you can sign me up for the giveaway if I qualify.


Karen Cantwell said...

You definitely qualify, JC! :-)

Robert Hays said...

Misha is a wonderful writer. Love this story.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful book, Misha! I'm especially interested in the grandmother's story and how that affects Reed today.

Taffy said...

This looks like a great story!

Dorothy said...

Sign me up for the giveaway! Misha knows how to tell a story.

And try my book while you're at it: "Not One of Us" by D.A. Spruzen, on Kindle for $2.99

Dorothy Anne said...

Sign me up for the giveaway! Misha knows how to tell a story.

And try my book while you're at it: "Not One of Us" by D.A. Spruzen, on Kindle for $2.99

Anita Yancey said...

Sounds like a good read. Please enter me. Thanks!