Sunday, September 5, 2010

Do you Kindle? Or Kindle App?

If so, here are two great websites that promote affordable Kindle reads:

Kindle Cheap Reads


The Frugal Kindle

Check 'em out, says I!

And enjoy that Kindle without draining your wallet dry.


Nicole MacDonald said...

Thanks! Will have to have a look, I do have kindle app I just haven't used it yet. Am holding out for a kindle when they finally do colour *grin*

Karen Cantwell said...

You know, truth be told, I have an iPad, but I download ALL of my books from Kindle using the iPad Kindle app. With the iPad, I DO have color, which is nice, and a lit background so I can read easily at night. The drawback is I can't read easily in the sun like my son can with his Kindle. I also find his Kindle is easier on the eyes because it looks like a real page from a book.

JC Phelps said...

Thanks for the links.

I have a Kindle and my father has an iPad. I love them both. However, if I had an iPad, I wouldn't read as much as I have been lately. Too much other stuff to distract me! I DO get to play with the iPad a lot though.