Monday, November 22, 2010

CONTEST: Be an Insane Character

That is to say, win a chance to be a character in my upcoming Barbara Marr Murder Mystery, Citizen Insane.


Oh, that's easy!

Just leave a comment on this post, saying that you would like to be entered for the Insane Character Contest. AND if you've read Take the Monkeys and Run, let me know who your favorite character is in that book and why! If you haven't read Take the Monkeys and Run, that's okay, maybe the comments will spark some interest for you! :-)

Remember, it is always easiest for me to find winners if you leave an email address, but if you don't feel comfortable doing that, just remember to stop by when I announce the two winners on DECEMBER 20th.

So, ready, set . . . . COMMENT!!!!

Good luck everyone!!!


L.C. Evans said...

I would love to be a character! My favorite character in Take the Monkeys and Run is Barbara Marr because I identify with her. She's a mom and she likes to know what's going on in her neighborhood just like me. She's also go a mother who gets involved with her life and a husband who tries to protect her.

Carol said...

Gosh - I enter every contest you have, so enter me in this one too! It wouldn't surprise anyone I know if I were cast as a totally insane character! :-/

Gen Watson said...

Well how appropriate, because I AM completely insane. At least that's what my kids say!

Arthur Levine said...

Hi Karen, I feel like your frog looks. That's because a virus is leap frogging from writer to writer. The virus only attacks if it knows you're insecure.

Arthur Levine

bluefrog said...

Being a character would be fun. :)
Barbara is my favorite.

Aimee said...

OMG! What a great contest, Karen. As I am usually accused of being nuts I think I would make an awesome character in Citizen Insane.

My favorite character is Barbara's mom. She's just so completely out there that while I can see why she'd annoy Barb, she just cracks me up.

Cathy W said...

Enter me please.
Unfortunately I haven't read Take the Monkeys and Run.
cjwallace43 at gmail dot com

Linda said...

My Daughter says I'm insane, so definitely keep me in the running for this one, too. Barbara is definitely my favorite character in Take the Monkey's and run. I love books with that kind of "detective".

Dorothy Spruzen said...

Enter me in the contest! I like Barbara's husband best. He did the right thing to protect his family, even though it caused him a great deal of pain.

Maria said...

I want to be the beautiful undercover agent!!!! What do you mean your book doesn't have one?? OBVIOUSLY it *needs* one.

What was the name of the mysterious ex-boyfriend in the book??? He was a good character.


Nicole Zoltack said...

I would love to be entered!

I haven't had the chance to read Take the Monkeys and Run yet.


Nicole.Zoltack AT

Jessica Grace said...

I WANT TO BE INSANE!!! (Oh, wait.....) =\

Roger Yocom said...

roger yocom A chanced to be a character in a book that sounds like a lot of fun.

Amy said...

I just finished Take The Monkeys and Run after looking for something to read on my new Kindle and loved it. A very fun read. I am now looking forward to your next book...and would love to have a chance to be a character in the story. My favorite character is Barbara because with the traits she is written with I could see her as a friend. She is smart, sassy, adventerous, a loving mother, and would be fun to hang around with. Great job and looking forward to more.

Karen Cantwell said...

Hi Amy! I'm so glad you enjoyed TAKE THE MONKEYS AND RUN. I always love hearing that readers have fun reading my work. The Insane Character Contest is actually completed (winner will be announced very soon), but it was so much fun that I will be holding another character contest for the next Barbara Marr novel, SILENCED BY THE YAMS, so stay tuned! :-)