Thursday, November 4, 2010



I'm just passing it along - for ALL INFORMATION, see the CONTEST SITE.

Some wonderful Independent authors, David McAfee, Daniel Arenson, Mike Crane, David Dalglish, and John Fitch V, are sponsoring this fantastic contest that I simply MUST pass along.

Q: HOW do you enter to win a Kindle AND a $50.00 Amazon gift card?

A: Buy a book or ebook by an Independent author during the month of November. Each purchase gets you another entry.

What is an Independent author? Any author who has chosen to publish their book or ebook on their own rather than through a publisher. I am an Independent author.

Many of these books are only $2.99 or less!

NOTE: It is stated that No Purchase is Necessary for this contest, so again, for full details see the CONTEST SITE.

EDIT: Joe Konrath also just listed MANY great and affordable Kindle books on his blog A Newbie's Guide to Publishing - so there's another resource for finding books you may enjoy.

I'm listing several suggested Independent authors and their books below. For more information on this contest and entering, you can go directly to the CONTEST SITE.

Now for Indie author suggestions:

WHEW! I tried to give you some different types of options with genres there, but if you want more ideas, they have a link to check out over at the CONTEST SITE so be sure to pop over there for your info and more ideas.

And GOOD LUCK if you choose to play!!!!


Markee Anderson said...

Oh! Karen!! I'm wiping my eyes in joy. You included me!!! THANK YOU!!! ::sniff:: This made my WHOLE day!!

L.C. Evans said...

Thanks, Karen. You not only included me, but you posted some other great books. Ha, I am going to have so many entries.

Karen Wojcik Berner said...

Thanks, Karen, for including my book. :)