Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giveaway Wednesday: a Take the Monkeys and Run T-Shirt!!!

FIRST - I want to thank everyone who entered last week's Giveaway for Not What She Seems by Victorine Lieske.

A name has been drawn at random . . . and that name is . . .



Cathy, you left your email address, so I will be contacting your shortly to arrange for delivery of your prize. CONGRATULATIONS!


something different

hope you like it

not something to read

but something to wear

It is a Take the Monkeys and Run t-shirt

what I think is especially fun about this shirt is the back. As you can see - the front is the book cover, then on the back, it reads "Don't mess with Barbara Marr. She has a gun and she doesn't know how to use it."

You enter the same way as always:

Leave a comment to this post, saying you would like to be entered in the t-shirt giveaway. The winner will be announced NEXT Wednesday, but if you leave an email address, I'll be able to contact you as soon as the name is drawn.


And a Happy Thanksgiving to all.



bluefrog said...

I really liked Take the Monkeys and Run. I would like to win a t-shirt.
Thanks for the contest. :)

Maria said...

Can't have too many Barbara Marr t-shirts!!!! WOOT!

Linda said...

Oh, I LOVE the t-shirt! PLEASE draw me. I'm a walkin', talkin' Barbara Marr advert. LOVE Take the Monkeys & Run.

Just got the Murder by Mil-Spec today. THANKS!

Linda in TX

Karen said...

I would love to take the tshirt and run ;-) Thanks for the giveaway

JC Phelps said...

I HAVE to enter this one! Will you sign the t-shirt too? That would be REALLY REALLY cool!

I love the saying you have on the back.

authorjcphelps @

Saretta said...

Fun shirt! Please enter me in your giveaway! Thanks!

Markee Anderson said...

Oh man...I've been meaning to do this but keep forgetting! I LOVE Barbara Marr!! I'd LOVE to win a t-shirt, too...and would wear it proudly around town. I already told one of my loops about Barbara Marr, too...the loop Ginger's on from the Spinning Wheel.

So if I'm chosen, I'll tell EVERYONE about it!!!

Thank you SOOOO much for doing this!!!